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Teaching Entrepreneurship in 30 Minutes or Less (Free Award Winning Syllabus and Lesson Plan)

Want to teach entrepreneurship to a class, kids, grandkids (yourself) in 30 minutes or an hour. The EITC (Entrepreneur in the Classroom) curriculum is three downloadable Powerpoints has been used by approximately 40,000 students a year for the past six years.

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How Small Businesses Can Protect Ideas: Trademarks, Servicemarks, Patents, and Copyrights

101 of patent, trademark, servicemark, and copyright for small business and entrepreneurs. A discussion of patent “bullying” and protecting your patent, protection your reputation, and does social media change the landscape for patents, copyrights, and trademarks?

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Meeting New Business Partners is Just Like Asking Your Crush on a Date – Intimidating But Worth It!

Networking is extremely important for any young entrepreneur who is looking to meet clients or partners to advance their business. Here are a few ways to make networking effective and stress-free!

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Coleton Lunt: Artist, Hiking Guide, Showcases Diversity of Entrepreneurship

It’s important to recognize that that entrepreneurship is not limited to “typical business.” Be sure to ask for the Alternative Exercises of this free, Powerpoint entrepreneurship curriculum (registration required). It showcases thediversity of entrepreneurship, as does our entrepreneur profile of today: hiking guide and artist Coleton Lunt.

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Tricia Reville, Green Entrepreneur Via Her Business Greenfinity

Tricia is a senior in the George Washington University School of Business and founder of Greenfinity. She’s had more entrepreneurial experiences than the average college senior. Read about her story here.

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Grade A Marketing’s Amanda Fischer

Amanda Fischer is the founder of Grade A Marketing. This young entrepreneur integrates values, and an embrace of constant change. Can you? See the exercises at the bottom of this post as a family or class discussion with the young entrepreneurs in your life.

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Books for Young Entrepreneurs – A Deliberate Pause and The Young Entrepreneur Bookclub

Ever wondered how to get started in thinking about Entrepreneurship. Well, Larry Robertson’s book A Deliberate Pause is a great first step.

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How To Do A Business Model – Part 2 – Lord of the Rings Meets Business Analysis

In the last post, we took a look at an important business concept that is a mystery to entrepreneurs and business students young and old: The BUSINESS MODEL. In this post, I discuss a creative idea for looking a business models which you can apply in your daily life or the classroom.

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How to Do a Business Model – Part 1

Today we tackle a business concept not covered in the EITC free Entrepreneur in the Classroom curriculum: BUSINESS MODELS.

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The World is Flat #1: How Sole Bicycles Went Global

How does one “go global?” Thomas Friedman’s book The World Is Flat showed us how our businesses are becoming global. Here are the top 10 factors leading to globalization according to the WikiSummary of Friedman’s book:

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