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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made: A Collection of Top Research

Ever thought about starting your own business but wondered if you have what it takes? Today we’ll review the top thinking in “Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made.”

First…what YOU think?

Are you passionate about an area? Do you want to start your own business some day? Are you willing to work hard?

These are key questions to consider as you review the below viewpoints on “Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made.”

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Cell Phones and Technology: Do we Love it or Hate it? The Role for Entrepreneurs of All Ages

Can you be without your phone for a 24 hour period?

Researcher Sergey Golitsynskiy looked into this exact topic in a study of student cell phone users around the world. The results were surprising.

“It ended up being the most horrible experience many of them had ever in their life…

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Meeting New Business Partners is Just Like Asking Your Crush on a Date – Intimidating But Worth It!

Networking is extremely important for any young entrepreneur who is looking to meet clients or partners to advance their business. Here are a few ways to make networking effective and stress-free!

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Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ryan Uckert

The stunning photographs you see below are by award-winning photograher – and high school sophomore – Ryan Uckert. What is your passion? Can you win an award for it or build a business around it?

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Top Low Cost and Free Small Business Tools – Part #3 For the New Year

Today for the new year, your blog author weighs in with some tips for small business tools that are:
1. Free or low cost, 2. Help start off the new year right for you both personally, and in business, and
3. Proven

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The World is Flat #1: How Sole Bicycles Went Global

How does one “go global?” Thomas Friedman’s book The World Is Flat showed us how our businesses are becoming global. Here are the top 10 factors leading to globalization according to the WikiSummary of Friedman’s book:

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The #1 Piece of Business Knowledge Entrepreneurs Wish They Knew – Part 4

This is the fourth part of a series fueled by a single question asked to successful entrepreneurs. Today’s entrepreneur: Mike Chasen, CEO of Blackboard.

“What is the #1 piece of business information you wish you had known when you were younger?”

Today’s answer: That I knew more than I thought I did, or I could figure it out.

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Finding Role Models for People Young and Old

Many parents, employers, and young entrepreneurs are looking for role models for their kids, staff and themselves.  Where to start? Here is one idea:  Role Models on Paper from the new beta site: The Hot Mommas Project free case study library. Below you will find more on the project, as well as suggested exercise for parents, educators, and young entrepreneurs.

The Hot Mommas® Project produces curricula for dynamic female leaders. However, as you will see below that the cases are appropriate for both young men and women seeking role models.  On of the main reasons is the  award-winning case studies  showcase not only successful business practices, but also successful personal practices including the identification of leadership abilities and work-life balance strategies. The project is  housed at the George Washington University School of Business.  The project is popular in the social media community – hence the edgy name – and allows instructors the opportunity to connect with case protagonists on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other pages.

Suggested Exercise:

Need a student or young adult to tap into their potential? As  a creative extra credit assignment or family book club, have your young role model write their own mini case study (500-1500 words). Use the case study wizard at beta site (About). Here is what to do:

  1. Prep the student with the template at the bottom of this page.
  2. Have students choose “Create a new case” at (must be 18 or older).
  3. Women choose “F” and men choose “M” in their profile.
  4. Move through the case wizard steps, click “publish at the end.”
  5. Go to “Case Library”, click “View” and send you the link as proof they have completed their case study.

Bonus: If their case study is good enough, they could be published in a top Prentice Hall textbook, other media outlets, plus receive thousands of dollars in  prizes as part of the case study competition through January 31.  See judging criteria.

For more information, click this post.

To nominate your young role model, click this post.

For virtual coaching, click here.

Here are two examples of case studies by students/young adults.

Alternative exercise:

Sign in at and select 5 cases to read.  Answer the following questions:

1. Which is your favorite, and why?

2. Which person is the strongest professional role model, and why?

3. Which person is the strongest personal role model, and why?

4. Do you think it’s possible for someone to be both a personal and a professional role model? Discuss.

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Favorites roundup: Top 5 Free Teaching Tools for Educators, Entrepreneurs, Parents

A top 5 list of free business resources for educators, entrepreneurs, and parents.

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