Top Low Cost and Free Small Business Tools for Start Ups – Part #2

December 7, 2009 at 4:23 pm 1 comment

At the 2009 World Business Forum in New York, global leaders in business stated the importance of running lean and mean during this down economy.  With the expense of health care coverage, especially for small business, these tips have never been more pertinent. Below is the second in a series of  our favorite free and low cost tools for small businesses and starts ups. 
Cost savings for year one of a business, or anytime:
1. WordPress. Wordpress is the most popular blogging software in the world, and the templates can be used on a regular website. Wordpress software gives you a professional look with do-it-yourself flexibility.  There are even some templates with built-in SEO (search engine optimization).
2. Evoice and Efax. Evoice gives you three  extensions for 29.99 a month and a professionally recorded message. Looks big, costs small.  You can forward extensions to your cell, home, and have multiple extensions ring at the same time. It’s great. Efax delivers to your email inbox for a small monthly fee.
3. Interns – A great resource if you are near a university. These days, you can even have then work for you virtually. NACE lists internship opportunities nationally. Craig’s List is another good posting resource.  Also check the career sites of universities close to you. If you are a non profit, see the KOCH Foundation. They subsidize or pay entirely for your intern depending on the program for which you apply.
4. VistaPrint – A must. The best deals on your business cards and other printed materials. Templates included.
5. Free Entrepreneurship Education –  Did you know the very blog you are reading has FREE a entrepreneurship  curriculum?   Sign up to receive it.
Discussion Questions:
A. What are your favorite free online or offline resources?
B. What are some of the most creative ideas you’ve seen or used for saving money?
C. Google and find low cost/free tips in the following areas: Marketing, health care, staffing/hiring. Did you notice a difference in the results?  Explain.
D. Review the NFIB EITC (Entrepreneur in the Classroom) Alternate Exercise called “Yardsale Scramble.”  What key lessons did you learn about pricing? Is low cost the most important factor? Explain.

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Stay tuned for our next post in this series on low cost resources for start ups.

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