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MTV and the White House Support Young Entrepreneurs for National Entrepreneurship Month

We know that often the entertainment industry and Washington love each other, but, now it’s starting earlier. MTV’s Sway Calloway – who started his own record label among other entrepreneurial ventures – moderated a panel of rockstars this past Monday at the White House. But these were young rockstar entrepreneurs Tina Wells, Alexis Ohanian and Nick Friedman sharing their business-building experience building.


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Books for Young Entrepreneurs – How To Build a Business and Sell It For MILLIONS by Jack Garson

An exit strategy is basically a plan to sell/merge/or otherwise “exit” your business.

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Free and Simple Financial Literacy for Kids, Families, Educators – The National Financial Capabilty Challenge

Simple and free exercises to teach financial literacy at home and in the classroom.

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Top Low Cost and Free Small Business Tools – Part #4 The Best of the Rest

This is the final post in our series of low cost and free business tools for small business. Today, we’ll approach the area of cheap business resources just as you might: Googling! After each listing, we’ll evaluate who makes it in this post and why. For educators, this can also be a good exercise in critical thinking and filtering skills for students in this era of information overload.

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Top Low Cost and Free Small Business Tools – Part #3 For the New Year

Today for the new year, your blog author weighs in with some tips for small business tools that are:
1. Free or low cost, 2. Help start off the new year right for you both personally, and in business, and
3. Proven

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#4-How Entrepreneurs Are Surviving the Financial Crisis

This is the last in our series on what specific steps entrepreneurs are taking to survive the slow economy. In this post we feature Jennifer Folsom, Director of Mom-Entum Resources ( The company matches high-performing individuals with part time work. Jennifer notes the following about their operations given the current state of the economy:

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#3-How Entrepreneurs Are Surviving the Financial Crisis

Entrepreneurial skills are good ones to have, especially during a slow economy. This series focuses on the top survival tips from successful entrepreneurs on getting through the crisis. In this post we feature Marty Janis President & CEO, Atlantic Services Group ( The company provides valet, transportation, garage management, and maintenance services.

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