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The Top Apps for Small Business. The Best of the Best List That Will Rock Your World.

The Young Entrepreneur Foundation takes on the role of part information filter, and part crystal ball, for our readers in filtering through the clutter of tech products and apps. From social media, to hardware, to small business apps for your business we’ve come up with the go-to tech post for small business that will rock your world.


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How Small Businesses Can Protect Ideas: Trademarks, Servicemarks, Patents, and Copyrights

101 of patent, trademark, servicemark, and copyright for small business and entrepreneurs. A discussion of patent “bullying” and protecting your patent, protection your reputation, and does social media change the landscape for patents, copyrights, and trademarks?

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How to Start a Business – Quick and Free Tips Part 2

So you have a business idea. (No business idea? Register here and complete “Mind Mapping” exercise in Module 2).The question is: What should I do next? Here are a few steps you can take in a few hours.

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Top Low Cost and Free Small Business Tools – Part #4 The Best of the Rest

This is the final post in our series of low cost and free business tools for small business. Today, we’ll approach the area of cheap business resources just as you might: Googling! After each listing, we’ll evaluate who makes it in this post and why. For educators, this can also be a good exercise in critical thinking and filtering skills for students in this era of information overload.

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Top Low Cost and Free Small Business Tools for Start Ups – Part #2

At the 2009 World Business Forum in New York, global leaders in business stated the importance of running lean and mean during this down economy. With the expense of health care coverage, especially for small business, the need for access the tips in this series have never been more pertinent. Below is the second in a series of our favorite free and low cost tools for small businesses and starts ups.

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Free & Low Cost Tips for Start Up Businesses – Part #1 – From Robert Tuchman & Young Guns

Robert Tuchman is a young entrepreneur success story going from a one-bedroom apartment to a $70 million dollar company in the sports marketing industry.

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Top Planning Secrets of Million Dollar Entrepreneurs – Part 1

This is the first part in a series on business planning exercises for entrepreneurs. The exercises shared in this series represent an exclusive look inside the elite entrepreneurial group EO (formerly known as YEO – Young Entrepreneurs Organization). EO members must have businesses with a minimum of $1,000,000 in revenues. Below is what EO members recently learned during an Executive Management Program in Boston, MA:

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