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Top Recruiting Tips: “Top Grading” Summary for Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Recruits

Now is final call for recruiting time: For internships, jobs, and maybe you want to start your own business. “Top Grading” has proven – over time in elite entrepreneur circles – to be a standard reference for recruiting because of its focus on how to recruit A Players….”Top Grade first–once you do this, your organization can do anything.”


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Ways to Manage Social Media Information Overload

yef-logoTo compliment an earlier social media post, here are some ways to organize all the different tools available to us today as current and future entrepreneurs, educators, and everyone in between.  As we like to call this post, “HOW TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN FROM EXPLODING.” Below are a few resources you might find useful in this wired world in which we live:

Source: A panel led by the authors of 50SomethingMoms and SarahandtheGoonSquad at BlogHerDC.

1. In Google Reader – Star article at top left corner to save for later

2. Zotero – Good for academic research and tracking citations

3. Linked in Toolbar for Firefox

4. Yoonoo and Digsby – Access to Facebook, Twitter, etc. all at one place

5. RescueTime – Analyzes your internet usage each day. You can set timers, goals, alarms.

6. Organize yourself/make the world smaller – With tools like StumbleUpon (and other social bookmarking tools like, e.g., as well as Twitter search.

7. (YEF Blog Author added this) Use to see blogs by area of interest.


Ask students, staff, a business leadership group: How to they organize their communciations, social networks, and information to prevent information overload?

Good luck, and happy surfing/tweeting/blogging/etc.


Social media guru Chris Brogan‘s tips for…

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How social media can help small and growing businesses

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