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Top Recruiting Tips: “Top Grading” Summary for Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Recruits

Now is final call for recruiting time: For internships, jobs, and maybe you want to start your own business. “Top Grading” has proven – over time in elite entrepreneur circles – to be a standard reference for recruiting because of its focus on how to recruit A Players….”Top Grade first–once you do this, your organization can do anything.”


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Can’t Take Your Daughters and Sons To Work? Bring the Workplace to Them!

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day doesn’t work for everyone. Between missing school, company policies, and the nature of what you do, it may be downright impossible. This post offers some ideas for how to start planning now to do that so when Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day rolls around, everyone can participate.

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Teaching Entrepreneurship in 30 Minutes or Less Part 2: (Free Award Winning Syllabus and Lesson Plan)

As mentioned in the last post in this series, we’ve recently updated this entrepreneurship curriculum, and here’s a post to give you a quick 30 minute exercise in each module that is one of my personal favorites as an intro. I am the curriculum author, Kathy Korman Frey, and teach a nationally award-winning entrepreneurship course at the George Washington University School of Business. So scroll down, dig in, and have fun.

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Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring: The Key to Entrepreneurial Self-Confidence. 10 steps for Parents, Teens, and Gen Y at Work and at Home

Quick mentoring steps we can all take whether we’re parents, teens, in the workplace, or Gen Y Millenials being mentored, or mentoring, or somewhere in between.

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Free and Simple Financial Literacy for Kids, Families, Educators – The National Financial Capabilty Challenge

Simple and free exercises to teach financial literacy at home and in the classroom.

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Barack and Michelle Obama: Making Education Cool

Barack and Michelle Obama were set forth as examples of what can be accomplished with a good education at a January 19 rally held by the Education Equality Project at Cardoza High School in Washington, DC. The rally turned into a who’s who of education when big names like John McCain, incoming Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Michael Bloomberg, Geoffrey Canada, Michelle Rhee, and UNCF President Michael Lomax showed up to explain why our educational system is in a state of crisis. Presenter remarks can be found at the bottom of this post.

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Teaching Dr. Martin Luther King in the Clasroom, At Home, At Work

The birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King is a wonderful time to explore what is possible. Dr. King was a social entrepreneur in the field of civil rights winning a Nobel Prize at age 35.

Suggested activities are included in this post.

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